COF 20th Anniversary Collaboration Award Winners

Committees / Initiatives Award
This award recognizes committees, working groups, or initiatives that have made an enduring contribution to COF. The work/initiative brings consistent value to the colleges.  

  • Network Managers Committee
  • Student Activities Committees
  • Study Abroad Council
  • MLK Breakfast Committee

The following awards recognize outstanding contributions by individuals, who have served to move the collaboration forward, either through the individual’s work on a specific program/initiative, on a committee(s), or through other efforts. The individuals recognized in this category have helped initiate or champion a successful program or collaborative effort.

Unsung Hero Award
This award recognizes an individual who consistently contributes or contributed behind the scenes to a COF committee and associated projects.

  • Ellen Faszewski (Wheelock College)
  • Lana Dvorkin Camiel (MCPHS University)
  • Rick Lessard (MCPHS University)
  • Kurt Steinberg (MassArt)
  • Maureen Keefe (MassArt)
  • Anne Marie Martorana (Wheelock College)

Catalyst Award
This award recognizes an individual who is/was an idea generator, moves/moved initiatives to the next level, helps/helped keep programs going, is/was the champion.

  • Brian Burns (Wentworth Institute of Technology)
  • Pat Rissmeyer (Emmanuel College)
  • Dan Serig (MassArt)
  • Corey Zohlman (Simmons College)
  • Counseling Directors (All campuses)

Emerging Collaborator
This award recognizes a new employee or new member of a COF committee who has demonstrated collaborative behavior.

  • Mary Pyne (Simmons College)
  • Britney Masse (Wheelock College)
  • Kelly Parrish (Wentworth Institute of Technology)
  • Jeffrey Smith Jr. (Emmanuel College)

This award recognizes external organizations and vendors who have contributed to the success of COF.  

  • Breakthrough Collaboration
  • The Markley Group  
  • Davis Educational Foundation