COF Cross Registration FAQs

When in my academic career can I cross register?
Check with your home registrar, but most colleges allow degree-seeking undergraduates to cross register after their first semester. Due to the nature of their first year curriculum, MassArt students must wait until their second year.

What is a Travel Course?
Travel courses are on-campus semester-long courses with a short term international travel component.  Click here for more information.

When is the cross-registration period?
The cross-registration period takes place over a week in early November for spring courses and a week in early April for summer and fall courses. Check the COF Academic Calendar here for specific dates. Information is also available in your registrar’s office.  Travel Courses require pre-approval via online application.  Click here for details.

How many classes can I take a semester?
Students can take up to two courses per semester at any one of the other COF colleges (with the approval of the home institution).

Is there a fee for cross registration?
All courses taken through the cross-registration option are counted as part of your academic load at your home institution as though they were taken at the home institution and charged accordingly.  You are responsible for any fees at the host institution that are specific to the course such as lab fees or fees associated with travel courses.

Are all courses at all the COF colleges available to me?
No, only courses listed in the COF searchable course directory are available for cross registration. Click here to view the Course Directory. Also, cross-registration courses are available on a space available basis, as home institution students have first priority. Other requirements, such as prerequisites and instructor consents, must be met by COF students.

Where do I find out about how to cross-register?
You can read more about the cross-registration process on the COF website here. There is also information in your registrar’s office about the cross registration process.

How do I find a class for cross-registration?
There is an on-line searchable database at here.

Are there hard copy course listings that I can review, rather than viewing the on-line version?
Yes, when you go to the web site and do a search for courses, there is an option to print the screen so you can bring it to your faculty advisor to discuss, or read in hard copy version if you prefer. Click view which will take you to the course description, name of instructor, and classroom locations, and whether there are pre or co-requisites.  You may also find a list of travel courses open for cross registration here.

Can I take a class at Simmons if I am a male student?
Yes. Through the cross-registration process, an undergraduate male student is permitted to take classes at Simmons.

Can I take MassArt classes over the summer?
No, MassArt offers only Continuing Education classes and they are not open to cross-registration, as they are part of a different funding structure.

Are Continuing Education classes available for cross registration?
No, they are not.

Can I take a class at another college if it is pass/fail?
That depends on your home college. All courses must be approved by your home registrar and in some cases, other administrators at your college. Note that most of MassArt’s courses are pass/fail, and may not count towards your degree at your home college. Please check with your Registrar’s office regarding the specific policy at your institution.

Do I need the signature of my advisor?
That depends on your home college. MCPHS students are required to get the signature of their Department Chair, as well as their advisor. WIT students are required to get a signature of the advisor if it is a major course. At WIT, if the course is to count toward degree requirements, signature from appropriate department head is required.

Does this class “count”? How do I get it transferred?
All the courses you take at another COF college “count” in terms of credit. Whether it counts towards your major, general education/critical studies requirement, elective, or not at all, is up to your home college advisor. Make sure you know that you have needed approvals before cross-registering!

What if the home school starts earlier or ends later than my college; can I stay in my residence hall?
There is an agreement among the colleges that arrangements will be made for you if you are cross-registered and the home and host college class start and end dates are not aligned. However, you are encouraged to talk with your residence director, so that arrangements can be made. If you go to your RD the last week of classes or the week of the final and tell him/her you need to stay, they will be unlikely to be able to help you. Please plan ahead.

How do I drop a class if I’m cross-registered?
COF Students follow the calendar of the HOST  institution here. Please note the date the grade becomes a ‘W’ and the last date a course can be dropped.

How do I add a class after the registration period is over?
Please see the academic calendar here for add drop deadlines, and check the website of the host college for specific information related to add/drop.

Is the policy for processing incomplete COF grades determined by the host or home institution?
The process must follow the procedures of the host school. The faculty and student will sign the form at the host school and send a copy to the home school registrar. The due date is up to the host school. If a student fails to complete the work by that date, the grade is automatically changed to an F. Please note that the form needs the host institution’s registrar’s signature.