Frequently Asked Questions

When am I eligible to cross register?
Eligible employees are those full-time benefited employees who have completed one-year of employment.

Where do I get a copy of the COF employee cross registration form?
Please visit your Human Resources Office to receive a copy of the employee cross registration form and a copy of the policy or download it here.

When is the cross-registration period?
The employee cross-registration period begins in early November for spring courses and a week in early April for summer and fall courses during the regular student cross-registration period. Check the academic calendar page here for specific dates. Please keep in mind that registration is on a space available basis.

Emmanuel – COF eligible employees wishing to take undergraduate courses through Emmanuel’s Graduate and Professional Programs should meet individually with one of our advisors or attend an informational meeting, regularly scheduled at our nine locations. Please visit for more information.

MassArt – COF employee cross-registration for Freshman courses at MassArt is not available until after Freshman have enrolled in their classes. In order to register for a Freshman course, employees are encouraged to attend the first class and seek permission from the instructor to take the class. COF employees wishing to take classes at MassArt through the Professional and Continuing Education program should submit registration forms as soon as possible once the courses are listed online (and registration is open). In general, registration begins near the start of the semester. For example, summer registration usually begins in early April and fall registration usually begins in mid-July.

How many classes can I take a semester?
Full-time Benefited employees may be eligible to take one course per semester at any one of the other COF colleges with the approval of the supervisor and Human Resources at the home college and the approval of the registrar at the host college.

Are all courses at all the COF colleges available to me?
No, only undergraduate courses listed in the cross registration database. Also, cross-registration courses are available on a space available basis, as home college students have first priority. Other requirements, such as prerequisites and instructor consent, must be satisfied.

Emmanuel – In addition to the courses listed in the database, undergraduate courses offered through Emmanuel’s Graduate and Professional Programs will be made available on a space available basis to COF employees through this program. Please see above link.

MassArt – Only courses on MassArt’s main campus in Boston qualify. Independent and directed studies, graduate courses, and non-credit workshops are excluded from this policy. Undergraduate courses offered through MassArt’s Professional and Continuing Education Program will be made available on a space available basis to COF employees through this program.

Wentworth – Courses taken by Wentworth employees cannot conflict with their regular work schedule.

Wheelock – Professional licensure courses at Wheelock requiring admission to a degree program and prerequisite field experiences will not be offered for cross registration.

Where do I find out about how to cross register?
You can read about the employee cross registration process on the COF website here. There is also information in your Human Resources Office about the employee cross registration process.

How do I find a class for cross registration?
There is an on-line searchable database here.

Emmanuel – Please visit for undergraduate course offerings in the Graduate and Professional Programs at Emmanuel College.

MassArt – Potential registrants from the COF schools should check our website at or and follow the link to Continuing Education to check availability of offerings. Notification of acceptance into the course will be made shortly before the start of the semester (approximately one week before the course begins). Seats are on a limited space availability basis.

Can I take classes over the summer?
Not all of the COF schools offer summer courses. Please see below for more information.

Emmanuel – Courses are offered during summer semester.

MassArt – Eligible employees may take undergraduate classes at MassArt through the Professional & Continuing Education Division.

Wentworth – Courses are offered during summer semester.

Does this class “count”?
All the courses you take at another COF college “count” in terms of credit for those students who have been admitted to a degree program. Whether it counts towards your major, general education/critical studies requirement, elective, or not at all, is up to your home college advisor. Make sure you know where it is going to count before you take it!

MassArt – Classes at MassArt in FA2D, FA3D, SIM, and Studio Foundation are taken pass/fail. Classes in Critical Studies, Art Ed, and Design receive letter grades.

How do I add a class after the registration period is over?
Please see the academic calendar here for add drop deadlines, and check the website of the host college for specific information related to add/drop. You must follow the academic calendar of the host campus.

Can I take a class during the day and make up my work hours at another time?
Eligible employees must receive approval from their supervisors in advance of registering for a class. It is up to the supervisor to determine whether or not an employee will be able to take the class that falls during the employees regular work schedule. At Wentworth, classes cannot conflict with an employees regular work schedule.

Once I have the form, how do I register for a course?
Before you can register for a course, you must get approval and signatures from your supervisor, your Human Resources Office, and your advisor (if applicable) if you are a matriculated student. Next, bring the form to the Registrar’s Office of the college where you would like to cross register during the registration process. The registrar’s office will either approve or deny your registration.