How to Cross-Register

Cross-registration forms are available in all registrars’ offices or click here.

  • Advisor and student discuss cross-registration plans, especially if courses are required to complete degree requirements.  A searchable database of all courses open for cross registration can be found in the searchable Course Directory.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet all pre-requisite requirements.
  • Student completes the cross-registration form and selects one or two alternative courses in the event that the first choice is filled.
  • During the designated cross-registration period, the student brings the completed form to their home Registrar, who must sign the form for approval.
  • The home Registrar will fax the submitted form cross-registration to the host institution, who will be confirm if there is space available in the class.
  • Students who wish to drop a course must complete the paperwork with their host institution. Drop/add and course withdrawals are subject to deadlines at the host institution.