Please search below for the appropriate contact at your university for study abroad, exchange, and/or international student advising.

COF Global Education Opportunities (GEO) Center

General Office Information

210 Riverway, Peabody Hall, Room 002
Phone: 617.879.1055

Rebecca Bacon
Phone: 617.879.1056

Douglas Upton
Assistant Director
Phone: 617.879.1057

Study Abroad and International Student Advisors

Emmanuel College

NewTwitterNewFacebookJill Meleedy
Assistant Director of International Programs and Study Abroad
Phone: 617.264.7677


NewTwitterNewFacebookErica Puccio O’Brien
Director, International Education Center
Phone: 617.879.7716

Amy Holland
Study Abroad/Exchange Advisor
Phone: 617.879.7717

NewTwitterNewFacebookMaggie Shirland
International Student Advisor
Phone: 617.879.7702


Kathleen HeadNewTwitterNewFacebook
Operations Manager
(study abroad and exchanges)
Phone: 617.732.2989

Simmons College

NewTwitterNewFacebookJoseph Stanley
Director, Center for Global Education
(travel courses)
Phone: 617.521.2181

Mary Pyne
Coordinator for Study Abroad & International Students
(study abroad and F-1 advising)
Phone: 617.521.2116

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Brigid McMahan
Administrative Assistant
Office of the Provost
(general study abroad)
Phone: 617.989.4589

Jeanmarie Ambrose
Director of International Student Services
(F-1 and J-1 advising)
Phone: 617.989.4391

Wheelock College

NewTwitterNewFacebookLauren Thorman
Director, Center for International Programs and Partnerships
(Faculty proposals and exchange programs)
Phone: 617.879.2447

Britney Masse
Student Opportunities and Social Media Coordinator
(service learning/travel courses)
Phone: 617.879.2457

Kayla Desnoyers
International Program Liason
(provider study abroad programs)
Phone: 617.879.1453

Thuy Truong
International Student Services Advisor
(F-1 advising)
Phone: 617.879.1480