Developing International Programs

Travel Courses and Faculty-Led Programs

Travel courses and faculty-led programs are an exciting way for faculty to share their expertise with students, both on and off campus.

  • Travel courses:
    • on-campus courses with a short-term travel component
    • travel during the spring break, summer break, or winter break
    • generally open for cross-registration
  • Faculty-led programs:
    • not necessarily tied to an on-campus course
    • may or may not offer credit
    • generally focused on a specific subject or specific project abroad
    • generally last anywhere from a week or two to a full semester

Travel courses and faculty-led programs are currently proposed to the home school.  Proposals are generally due 12 months in advance of the program’s proposed departure date.  Please contact your Study Abroad Director for more details on the process for proposing travel courses and faculty-led programs: Contacts

Travel Contracts

COF members are welcome to take advantage of The Boston Consortium’s Academic and Healthcare Travel Program which offers negotiated contracts with a number of travel providers:

Internationalizing the Curriculum

There are many resources available for faculty wishing to engage their students in a global context without leaving the COF!  Here are just a few:

Comprehensive Internationalization / Campus-wide Internationalization

To keep up with the demands of the global workforce, many campus are “going global” and considering their internationalization strategy as a way to remain competitive amongst their peers.  Here are a few of the resources available for developing campus internationalization strategies:



 Suggestions on other resources to include?  Please contact the Director of the GEO Center.