COF Memberships and Affiliations

Did you know that the COF are members of or subscribe to the following international organizations below?

What that means for staff and faculty in the consortium is that you may be eligible for discounted conference registration, gain access to “members only” information, and save money on services and publications.

    • The Forum on Education Abroad

      • All COF staff and faculty can enjoy the member rate for conferences, as well as gain access to valuable resources online.
    • NAFSA Association of International Educators

      • Although memberships to NAFSA are on an individual basis, you may contact the GEO Center if you are in need of specific resources.
      • The GEO Center can also order NAFSA brochures and publications at the member rate, and bill back to the institution, saving you money!
      • NAFSA often offers valuable webinars.  The GEO Center is able to arrange webinars for the whole COF community, so please contact us if you have interest in a specific webinar!
    • NAFSA Adviser’s Manual 360

      • “NAFSA Adviser’s Manual 360 is the comprehensive source for higher education immigration information. Access regulatory news, policy updates, and procedures for U.S. immigration management that is critical to every international student and scholar services adviser.”  Have a question?  Contact the GEO Center to see what NAFSA advises.
    • J-1 Exchange Visitor Designation

      • The GEO Center is the designated “program sponsor” for all COF colleges.  Colleges can work with the GEO Center when interested in bringing in exchange visitors (students, scholars, professors, student interns), and we provide immigration advising and documentation (DS-2019) for your visitors.
      • By coming together as a consortium, we pay one redesignation fee split between all the colleges!  We also can collectively meet the minimum visitor requirement every year.
    • Foreign National Tax Resource

      • The GEO Center subscribes to online tax filing assistance for our nonresident alien population to help them through the complex US tax system!