A Resource Guide for Traveling LGBTQ Students

This guide is for LGBTQ students and their advisors to use throughout the study abroad process. It can assist in learning about different study abroad programs and help them navigate the process of study abroad.

This guide provides students with:

  • Questions to consider when choosing a study abroad program
  • Potential challenges LGBTQ students may experience abroad
  • General information on various study abroad programs
  • LGBTQ student experiences while abroad

This guide will provide advisors with:

  • Definitions of key terms on LGBTQ issues
  • Web resources and articles of interest
  • Unique challenges for these students
  • Suggestions for creating a LGBTQ friendly environment and establishing a visible presence on their campus.

— Colleges of the Fenway Study Abroad Council

With the generous support of a NAFSA Region XI mini grant, the Colleges of the Fenway Study Abroad Council has teamed up to create this guide to inform you in many ways to prepare and educate you for studying abroad as an LGBTQ student. Material and resources cited in this manual are, in part, adapted from various LGBTQ Resource Centers and Safe Zone Projects at other institutions as well as LGBTQ advocacy and education organizations. URLs can change over time, students and advisors are encouraged to conduct their own searches for relevant information.

The Colleges of the Fenway