Services and Initiatives


The GEO Center provides a myriad of services to the COF institutions and our community.

Why should students contact the GEO Center?

After speaking with your home campus study abroad or international student advisor, students can contact the GEO Center to:

  • Learn more about travel courses* that are available through cross registration.
  • Complete an application for the study abroad program you have chosen.
  • Receive support for Exchange Visitor visas.
  • Access tax preparation information.

*on-campus semester-long course with a short-term travel component

Why should faculty and staff contact the GEO Center?

  • To access resources on best practices and issues and trends in international education.
  • To receive support for developing safe and innovative travel programs, including risk mitigation and emergency management.
  • To obtain information and visa support for bringing Exchange Visitors to your campus.

Initiatives and Events

  • Joint memberships to professional organizations and networks
  • COF study abroad fairs, one each semester
  • Pre-departure orientations for study abroad
  • Visa processing support for exchange visitors
  • Tax workshops for international students and scholars
  • Professional development workshops for faculty/staff who are involved in international initiatives
  • Other events that support international awareness