Travel Programs led by COF Faculty

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General Information

There are two kinds of travel programs: those that are non-credit and those that are credit based:

Credit-Based Travel Courses

These are on-campus semester-long courses with a short term travel component.

During the semester, students attend pre-departure class meetings to academically prepare for travel and travel takes place anywhere from 10 days to four weeks during vacation periods (winter breaks, spring break or summer) with a COF faculty member and a group of students.

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Non-Credit Travel Programs

These are non-credit bearing programs organized by a COF college that offer athletic, service-learning, research or volunteer opportunities.

These programs typically travel for 2-5 weeks over winter, spring or summer breaks, or possibly during the semester.


There are two costs involved in a travel course: tuition and program costs. There is often confusion about the difference between the two.

The travel course usually counts as part of a student’s regular semester course load and tuition is paid to the student’s home institution.

Program Costs:
These are all costs not covered by tuition. Program costs vary for each program and may include food, lodging, airfare, excursions, ground transportation, museum/concert/ theater entrance fees, etc.

Travel costs can be covered through federal and state financial aid and are tax-deductible. Some campuses also offer scholarships. It is important to speak with your campus’s financial services office for campus-specific pricing and funding information.

Selecting a Travel Program geo_button

StudioAbroad is an online database that can be used to browse through all of the programs the schools of the COF offer. In addition to its search feature, StudioAbroad can also be used to fill out a common inquiry form that will give your study abroad advisor a better idea of how to help you select the right program.

You will need to create an account to fill out one of these forms. Once you have completed an inquiry form and selected a study abroad program, you’ll be able to complete the whole application process online.

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Application and Cross-Registration Procedures, Travel Courses

All travel courses are open to COF students for cross-registration unless otherwise noted.  To cross-register for a COF Travel Course, there are two major steps:

1) Applying for the Travel Course Program online (deadlines generally October 15 for spring, and March 15 for summer/fall):  Select and apply for program here.

2) Cross-registering for the course during cross-registration week (generally in November for spring, and early April for summer/fall).  Click here to learn How to Cross Register.

 Questions? Contact the Office of International Programs or Education Abroad Office on your home campus (for contacts, click here).