Participation Guidelines

All students, faculty, and staff associated within the Colleges of the Fenway will be eligible to enter any event sponsored by the Colleges of the Fenway Intramural program. Alumni are not eligible to participate in intramural events (except for the Turkey Trot and the Great Race Boston). All participants must show a valid university I.D. in order to participate.

Identification cards. All participants must present a current, valid school I.D. to the appropriate Intramural Sport personnel prior to participating in any intramural sport contest or event.

A person can participate for only one team per sport or contest (the team captain is responsible for monitoring and enforcing this for their team) except for participation in either an open/womens team, and a co-intramural team at the same time. The team they first represented will be the only organization for which a person can play for the remainder of the sport or contest being played. (PENALTY: The player may be barred from further IM play for one calendar year and the offending team will forfeit all games played with the illegal player).

Any player using an assumed name will be subject to a ruling by the Intramural Sports Staff. (Penalty: player may be barred from all Intramural Sports for a period of one calendar year.) The team for which they played under the assumed name will forfeit all contests in which this individual played and may also be subject to a ruling by the Intramural Sport Staff.

Each person participating in Intramural Sports is responsible for his/her own eligibility. Any question concerning eligibility should be referred to the Intramural Staff and a ruling obtained prior to participation. Eligibility rulings will be made on the basis of information presented to and obtained by the Intramural Sports Staff.

Any team using a player who does not meet the eligibility rules will forfeit all contests in which the player participated.

Professional Eligibility

Any person who has established his/her self as a professional in any sport will be ineligible in the sport or its related counterpart. The Intramural Staff will make rulings on all questionable cases.

Definition of a pro: A professional is a person whose livelihood is dependent in part or in full upon participation in sport. (This may include fees for coaching, presenting clinics, monetary prizes, etc.)

A person who receives professional coaching which constitutes an unfair competitive advantage will be ineligible for participation in that related intramural sport. (Factors considered may include fees, skill level, credentials, duration.)

Any person accepting commercial sponsorship which leads to an unfair competitive advantage (i.e. travel expenses, entry fees, equipment, apparel, priority facility usage) will be ineligible in that sport and its related counterpart.

An individual may regain eligibility after a three year grace period.

Intercollegiate Athletic Eligibility

A varsity athlete may not participate in the same intramural activity that they received their varsity letter in during the same academic semester their varsity sport occurs. For example, an athlete who earns a soccer letter in the fall may not participate in intramural soccer in the fall. An athlete who letters in basketball may not participate in basketball in the fall or the spring as their sports season occurs in both academic semesters.

Club Sports

All intramural participants who also compete for a club sport in the same sport must enter to play in the Competitive league.