About COF

Colleges of the Fenway is a collaborative effort of six neighboring Boston-based colleges in the Fenway area. This collaboration was created to add value to student academic and social life while seeking innovative methods of investing in new services and containing the costs of higher education. Collectively, the colleges represent more than 12,000 undergraduate students, comprising 16.2% of the total Boston population of undergraduates attending four-year colleges, more than 700 full-time faculty and 2,300 course offerings.

In 2010, Colleges of the Fenway was honored by AICUM.

The six institutions that comprise the Colleges of the Fenway are part of the Longwood Medical and Academic (LMA) area of Boston, a densely populated 210-acre campus adjacent to the neighborhoods of the Fenway and Mission Hill and to the town of Brookline. The LMA has 40,000 employees, 18,200 students, and more than 2.2 million patient visits each year.

The Colleges of the Fenway are home to more than 12,000 undergraduate students and 6,500 graduate students. This represents 48.2% of Boston’s four-year small college enrollment (defined enrollment < 4,600). With 2,868 faculty and staff employees, The Colleges of the Fenway accounts for 13% of the employees in Boston’s higher education field arena.

Each semester, more than 400 students cross-register for courses within the six COF schools. Courses include Public Health, Sign Language, Vocal Performance, A History of Boston, Strategies of War and Peace, Photography, and a new, specially developed Colleges of the Fenway course called Work and American Culture.

In addition to cross registration, joint activities for students include:

  • Welcome Month activities on each campus
  • Annual Block Party each fall
  • COF Performing Arts
  • Spring Weekend
  • Comedians, movies, performers
  • Joint Theatrical Productions
  • Intramural Sports

Core programs of cross registration, faculty development workshops, joint purchasing, and joint student programs form the foundation of the COF. Colleges of the Fenway functions as a coordinating agency which identifies new opportunities for collaboration, provides organizational support and leadership to agreed upon initiatives, enhances communication between the members, and monitors and evaluates programs.