Spring 2017 Champions

Spring 5K Glow Run

1st Place – Tony Mwangi (WIT) and Bethany Royality-Lindman (Simmons)

2nd Place – Allen Connor (WIT) and Hanna Persson (Emmanuel)

3rd Place – Antonio Varitimos (WIT) and Haley Connelly (Emmanuel)


5-on-5 Basketball Open – Tunesquad (WIT) – Tyrone Sutton, Eric Mirante, Javier Ballester, Cassimir Fenelon, Zack McKanna, Cairo White

5-on-5 Basketball Co-Rec – Dunkin Donuts (MCPHS) – Adeeb Komari, Alexia Armanious, Sophia D’Alessandro, Kaileigh Gannon, Andrew Lakkis, Ty Meka, Anthony Raneri, Chris Revello, Gabby Sayaf, Billy Spear

Table Tennis Tournament

Table Tennis – Anirudh Padki (MCPHS)

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

3-on-3 Basketball Open – Taking All Bets – Ben Lawler (WIT), Curtis Howe (EC), Jake Loewen (WIT), Vinny Renzi (WIT)

3-on-3 Basketball Co-Rec – Abusement Parks – Evan Chen (WIT), Paul Pasciuto (WIT), Lindsey Adams (WIT), Alexus Cruz (Simmons)

Bracket Busters Challenge – Chris Revello (MCPHS)